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Network marketing opportunities and affiliate marketing blog – Larry Haywood

Network marketing opportunities
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Affiliate Marketing Blog

Welcome to my network marketing opportunities and affiliate marketing blog. My name is Larry Haywood aka The Mad Marketer and I was originally a traditional affiliate marketer. Then I learned about network marketing. It’s a lot like the old school affiliate marketing model I was involved with, but uses team leverage to its advantage.

Network Marketing Opportunities

Looking for the best network marketing opportunity to join and start getting paid today? Stop by and see what my team and I are utilizing. Join us and get paid daily residual income faster.

network marketing leads

When you are searching for the best network marketing opportunities it’s important to research the company before joining. I have been in a total of four different network marketing companies (still with #4) and have made plenty of mistakes. My intention is to  help you avoid some of those same mistakes I made.

Pre-launches and MLM hype

The second MLM company I joined actually ended up costing me over $1,000. I was still really new to network marketing and believed in some hype on an upcoming pre-launch. One rule I follow now is this… If it doesn’t pay yet as it’s in pre-launch hype mode with nothing really being sold, I won’t touch it.

What is MLM?

Unfortunately, many people that don’t understand the MLM (multi level marketing) business model often associate MLM with a pyramid scheme or a ponzi scam.

Are all MLMs a scam or pyramid scheme?

If this is you, make sure you go ahead and start researching all about MLM so  you can be better informed. On this affiliate marketing blog we support the multi-level-marketing business model as it helps to have help building your home business.

In MLM, it’s a team effort building your home business. In traditional affiliate marketing you were pretty much on your own to build a home business.

MLMs To Avoid

Many multi-level-marketing companies will set a launch date, and then only promote the launch. It’s usually free to sign up and promote, but they don’t sell anything or pay out anything until the actual launch. This is a type of network marketing opportunity I will never touch again. Learned my lesson the hard way losing over $1,000 on a “sure thing”.

If there is not a valuable product or service being focused on within the prospective network marketing company then stay away from it. If the MLM focuses on recruiting affiliates instead of the product or service, this is another eye-brow raiser.

Legit Network Marketing Opportunities

There are plenty of network marketing opportunities that are legit and provide a great way to create additional income from home. It helps if you know someone whom you trust that is doing well in a particular multi level marketing company. If not, you’ll be on your own to find the best network marketing opportunity to join.

We recommend joining our team as we’ve done our research and planted our flag. Long-term daily residual income is predictable. The compensation plan lets you earn more money with less people. See how our marketing system can help launch your home business and provide you with the support needed to be successful. Join us here.

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What’s the secret to success in network marketing? Putting yourself in a circle of successful affiliate marketing professionals is crucial. It’s HUGE when you can gain from others that have been doing what you want to do. You can short cut your success and join our team here.

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